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Intermediate Dog Obedience Training CT

The bond between an owner and their canine companion is one of the strongest in existence.  Your dog can be your best friend on outdoor trips if trained well. If you believe that your pup has learned basic obedience and commands, then it’s time to take a step ahead with our intermediate training. Clark’s Companion Dog Training facility is the place to go for all your dog training needs. We are among the most trusted professional dog trainers in CT. Dog owners in the Shelton area have been coming to us to provide their dogs with personalized, one-on-one dog obedience training CT. In our intermediate training program, we work to refine the behavior of a dog who knows basic obedience commands. This is a 3 week board and train program we offer that works on building the previous training and adding heel training.

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The intermediate training level is considered a must for a dog if he is your all-time company. No one wants to be near a dog that is not well behaved or obedient, especially in public places. The intermediate training is a great way to get your pup out on hikes, the park and other on-leash places. With us, your dog will solidify and build on things like sit, down, place, stay, crate, socialization, leash skills, and we will also add in heel. Intermediate training is good for you and your dog, especially if it is a high-energy pet. With our intermediate dog training Shelton CT program, we guarantee you a well-behaved dog with a good command over various actions in the end. The possibilities are endless when you partner up with us! We’ll make sure your dog is up for any challenge with our private training methods. Let’s find out what we can teach them together.




Distance Training With Our Dog training Shelton CT Experts

A common problem, or you can say a popular request of dog owners, is distance training. It’s easier to control your dogs when they are closer to you. But what about when they are at a distance? They might react differently because of the distractions they experience at a distance. This is the reason why people look for distance training techniques.

With the help of intermediate dog training classes in Shelton CT, your dog will learn to respond even when distracted. As a result, he will follow your commands when at a distance from you. You can progress from loose leash walking practice in this program to off-leash training in the advanced program, but don’t forget to be patient to achieve training success. Contact us today to discuss our obedience classes with one of our experts.

Hand Signal Dog training classes in Shelton CT

Pets are more likely to respond to sounds than hand signs, so it can be difficult to train them to follow hand signals. With intermediate training completed, your dog will be able to understand how you call or command him. Hand signaling is an easy way for you and your pet to communicate, which can strengthen the bond between the two of you. Your furry friend will need some time in order to learn how it works but once they do, there’s no going back.

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Trick Training & Private dog trainers in CT

We believe that your pet deserves a healthy, happy, and safe environment to respond well. Therefore we ensure a good bond with your dog to help him learn new tricks and tips. Trick training is one of the most fun-filled experiences for your dog, especially if they are a working dog. It will also allow your dog to exercise and develop new skills. Our ABCDT-certified private dog trainers in CT are well aware of the tricks your dog should learn because our purpose is to keep you both happy with each other.

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We Offer Customized Private Training

Looking for a training program that is tailored specifically for your dog? Look no further than our private training services. We offer customized training programs that are designed to meet the unique needs of your furry friend. Whether your dog is in need of basic obedience training or more advanced training, our team of experienced trainers can help.

We also offer a variety of options to suit your budget and scheduling needs. Contact us today to learn more about our private training services.

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